Tips On How To Be Successful While Job Hunting

This week in class we had Nick Duley as a guest speaker. He is the Human Rights Officer and Human Resources Consultant at Fleming College and he introduced important facts on how to be successful while job hunting. He covered information such as how and where to find a job: cover letters, resumes, preparation for job interviews, what to do first, and who you can contact for help. In Nick’s presentations I found two topics to be of most use. These two topics included: knowing who to call and to be yourself. Thinking about going for job interviews is stressful because we don’t know what to expect or how to prepare. I never considered contacting a college faculty member for help but it makes perfect sense. All these people are in the college to help us better ourselves. Everybody is willing to help! Also contacting a friend in the industry you are aiming at or someone who has went through the same struggles would be more than helpful. He mainly stressed to stay positive! Lastly, he said to be yourself. People don’t want someone to come in and lie to try and get the job. They are looking for someone who is: honest, hard working, positive, a team player, has a sense of humor, and can stay focused. They want you to be personable and show your true colors. By being yourself and staying positive only good can from the interview!


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