Made It To The End!

In the GHS programĀ I have gainedĀ a lot of knowledge and learned a lot about myself. Going into this program I was determined to be a paramedic. I knew it would be tuff but I thought it was what I wanted to do. Half way through the year, after having a semester of biology and chemistry completed I didn’t enjoy learning the information like I had expected to. Realizing this I swapped some of the courses I had applied to for next year and enrolled in the Police Foundations program. I was offered a place in the course two days later and took it. The placement that I am completing is at a humane society and I feel like this is a great opportunity. I feel like I might be branching into working with the SPCA as a officer. With this I would be getting a great job. Working in the law, community, helping animals, and being involved in fast paced settings. Although, I have experienced many set becks with getting my placement complete with the help and support from my teacher as well as my family I was able to keep focused with what needed to be done as well as keeping optimistic.

Volunteers are very important in our communities. It provides experience for youth wanting to get involved as well as elders who have retired and want to dedicate time helping an organization out. I will definitely volunteer in the future. Keeping involved and helping organizations out is always needed and everyone is thankful for the extra help people are willing to provide. Going into police foundations for resumes I think having lots of volunteer experience will be beneficial to show my involvement in the community and how I can work with others.

Advice I would give someone entering the GHS program would be to come in with an open mind as you would when you start anything new to you. I would also suggest having a good relationship with your teachers because they are all there to make this your best experience and get the most out of it that you can. I would also suggest keeping on top of work and due dates. Assignments and tests seem to sneak up on you, have a schedule or calendar with a list of when things are happening so you are prepared. Overall, this course was very beneficial! I met a lot of great people and had a great experience and would suggest this course for someone who is interested in health but unsure of what they want to do.