Made It To The End!

In the GHS program I have gained a lot of knowledge and learned a lot about myself. Going into this program I was determined to be a paramedic. I knew it would be tuff but I thought it was what I wanted to do. Half way through the year, after having a semester of biology and chemistry completed I didn’t enjoy learning the information like I had expected to. Realizing this I swapped some of the courses I had applied to for next year and enrolled in the Police Foundations program. I was offered a place in the course two days later and took it. The placement that I am completing is at a humane society and I feel like this is a great opportunity. I feel like I might be branching into working with the SPCA as a officer. With this I would be getting a great job. Working in the law, community, helping animals, and being involved in fast paced settings. Although, I have experienced many set becks with getting my placement complete with the help and support from my teacher as well as my family I was able to keep focused with what needed to be done as well as keeping optimistic.

Volunteers are very important in our communities. It provides experience for youth wanting to get involved as well as elders who have retired and want to dedicate time helping an organization out. I will definitely volunteer in the future. Keeping involved and helping organizations out is always needed and everyone is thankful for the extra help people are willing to provide. Going into police foundations for resumes I think having lots of volunteer experience will be beneficial to show my involvement in the community and how I can work with others.

Advice I would give someone entering the GHS program would be to come in with an open mind as you would when you start anything new to you. I would also suggest having a good relationship with your teachers because they are all there to make this your best experience and get the most out of it that you can. I would also suggest keeping on top of work and due dates. Assignments and tests seem to sneak up on you, have a schedule or calendar with a list of when things are happening so you are prepared. Overall, this course was very beneficial! I met a lot of great people and had a great experience and would suggest this course for someone who is interested in health but unsure of what they want to do.


Creating My Professional Portfolio

For a final project in my Integrating Theory and Practise course I needed to create a professional portfolio all about my placement. I have found it to be a very fun assignment because I have had the opportunity to look back at some of my achievements. It has been easy for me to:

  • collect all needed information
  • collect achievements/certificates
  • keep portfolio organized

Collecting all of the needed information for my portfolio was very easy. I was given a portfolio checklist that was very helpful for sheets my teacher needed added in, this saved me a lot of time. I have always kept track of all my certificates and achievements so I was very happy when I got to add all of them into my portfolio. I am very organized. When the assignment was given out I immediately started putting my portfolio together.

Although everything is coming together smoothly I have had some complications. Since I have yet to complete my placement I cannot complete my portfolio. I am eager to get my placement done so I can add in my advisors appraisal letter and time sheets.

Essential Employability Skills

In my Integrating Theory and Practice class we took a look at the Conference Board of Canada, Essential Employability Skills brochure and learned what skills we need for the workplace. You can take a look at it by visiting this website: (open in new tab). The three skills I wish to discuss include: Manage Information, Be Adaptable, and Work With Others.


  • Manage Information

Throughout my first year of College I have come to realization how easy high school teachers were on us. In high school we were handed everything and reminded daily on upcoming assignments and told not to loose this or that. In college I am responsible for:

  • keeping track of all of my work
  • attending all classes
  • keeping work organized
  • handing work in on time
  • being involved and more

Having all of these responsibilities teaches you self discipline and organization skills. It is very obvious how Managing information is an essential employability skill.


  • Be Adaptable

There are so many different types of jobs in the world but every single one of them requires people to be adaptable. In college you must be adaptable because you must be able to:

  • work independently
  • team work
  • be resourceful
  • open to change
  • learn from mistakes and
  • have alternate ways to achieve goals

Everyday is different and until you walk into class or the work place you don’t always know what your task is for the day. Occasionally classes were cancelled or class rooms shuffled around, this being said you need to be open to change and resourceful and ready for anything to happen.


  • Work With Others

Being able to work with others is a essential skill everyone should have. When working with others you need to be respectful, under stand what needs to be done, contribute, manage and resolve conflict, and accept and provide feedback. It isn’t easy for everyone to wok with others but in college I learned strategies that made it easier for me to accept and work with people who had trouble contributing or working with groups. In college and in the work place everything runs much smoother when everyone works together and gets the job done.

What I’ve Learned In the Process of Completing A Placement

Finding a placement has been a difficult experience for me. I have had a placement set up then have family issues or personal issues arise that affect my progress in my placement. Having been faced with these challenges has taught me a lot about myself and life.  I have been reminded that nothing comes easy to anyone. You must work had for what you want and make enough time to complete your tasks. I have also learned that you can not determine what is going to happen in your day. You can plan your day to go how you want it but anything can happen like car troubles, family emergency’s and weather. The most important thing I must keep reminding myself is there is always another way. If my original plan doesn’t work out I must try to complete it another way. Having a positive attitude is mandatory!

Image (google images)

I have yet to complete my placement. I hope to have it completed soon so I can share my experiences!

Health Issue- Low Income Housing

I found a blog about a health issue that is constantly growing that is also connected to my new placement. On the website I found a post about low income housing and the effects it has on peoples health. The link for this blog is: (open in new tab).

The purpose of this blog is to discuss what problems people are being  faced with when living in low income housing. Problems such as: mold, pest infestations, and fire hazards. Other health problems include: respiratory infections, asthma, lead poisoning and mental health issues. The audience for this blog would be towards adults.

I find this information interesting because it is a big issues in the world that many people ignore. A charity foundation or support group would find the housing issues and health statistics interesting. They would find it interesting if they were looking for someone to help.

Finding a Placement

I am doing a volunteer placement for my program to get a chance to experience the work force in the career choice I am aiming for. I have not yet found a placement but I am still hunting! I am hoping to get into a dental clinic or nursing home. Which ever comes to me first I will happy with. At this stage of finding a placement I have been faced with many challenges. The places I have been most interested in are either not accepting volunteer’s or already have someone. Also its a waiting game. I have called so many places its hard to keep track. I hope when I get into my placement it is beneficial for me. I’m hoping it reassures me that this is the career path I still want. Also I hope to open doors to a full time or part time job for when I have graduated from my final courses.

Web Search-Ontario Paramedic Association

While browsing through the web I found a website that provides great information covering all aspects of being a paramedic. The name of the website is Ontario Paramedic Association. You can visit the website by going to this link: Make sure you open the link in a new tab. This organization is very helpful. For people interested in becoming a paramedic this organization provides information on:

  • Primary Care Paramedic
  • Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Critical Care Paramedic
  • Becoming a Paramedic
  • History of Paramedics
  • Process in Becoming a Paramedic
  • Events Going On
  • Code of Ethics
  • Wages

This organization answers all possible questions and introduces the good and the bad of being a paramedic. All you need to know about being a paramedic is on this website!

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