Health Issue- Low Income Housing

I found a blog about a health issue that is constantly growing that is also connected to my new placement. On the website I found a post about low income housing and the effects it has on peoples health. The link for this blog is: (open in new tab).

The purpose of this blog is to discuss what problems people are being  faced with when living in low income housing. Problems such as: mold, pest infestations, and fire hazards. Other health problems include: respiratory infections, asthma, lead poisoning and mental health issues. The audience for this blog would be towards adults.

I find this information interesting because it is a big issues in the world that many people ignore. A charity foundation or support group would find the housing issues and health statistics interesting. They would find it interesting if they were looking for someone to help.


Finding a Placement

I am doing a volunteer placement for my program to get a chance to experience the work force in the career choice I am aiming for. I have not yet found a placement but I am still hunting! I am hoping to get into a dental clinic or nursing home. Which ever comes to me first I will happy with. At this stage of finding a placement I have been faced with many challenges. The places I have been most interested in are either not accepting volunteer’s or already have someone. Also its a waiting game. I have called so many places its hard to keep track. I hope when I get into my placement it is beneficial for me. I’m hoping it reassures me that this is the career path I still want. Also I hope to open doors to a full time or part time job for when I have graduated from my final courses.

Web Search-Ontario Paramedic Association

While browsing through the web I found a website that provides great information covering all aspects of being a paramedic. The name of the website is Ontario Paramedic Association. You can visit the website by going to this link: Make sure you open the link in a new tab. This organization is very helpful. For people interested in becoming a paramedic this organization provides information on:

  • Primary Care Paramedic
  • Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Critical Care Paramedic
  • Becoming a Paramedic
  • History of Paramedics
  • Process in Becoming a Paramedic
  • Events Going On
  • Code of Ethics
  • Wages

This organization answers all possible questions and introduces the good and the bad of being a paramedic. All you need to know about being a paramedic is on this website!