Essential Employability Skills

In my Integrating Theory and Practice class we took a look at the Conference Board of Canada, Essential Employability Skills brochure and learned what skills we need for the workplace. You can take a look at it by visiting this website: (open in new tab). The three skills I wish to discuss include: Manage Information, Be Adaptable, and Work With Others.


  • Manage Information

Throughout my first year of College I have come to realization how easy high school teachers were on us. In high school we were handed everything and reminded daily on upcoming assignments and told not to loose this or that. In college I am responsible for:

  • keeping track of all of my work
  • attending all classes
  • keeping work organized
  • handing work in on time
  • being involved and more

Having all of these responsibilities teaches you self discipline and organization skills. It is very obvious how Managing information is an essential employability skill.


  • Be Adaptable

There are so many different types of jobs in the world but every single one of them requires people to be adaptable. In college you must be adaptable because you must be able to:

  • work independently
  • team work
  • be resourceful
  • open to change
  • learn from mistakes and
  • have alternate ways to achieve goals

Everyday is different and until you walk into class or the work place you don’t always know what your task is for the day. Occasionally classes were cancelled or class rooms shuffled around, this being said you need to be open to change and resourceful and ready for anything to happen.


  • Work With Others

Being able to work with others is a essential skill everyone should have. When working with others you need to be respectful, under stand what needs to be done, contribute, manage and resolve conflict, and accept and provide feedback. It isn’t easy for everyone to wok with others but in college I learned strategies that made it easier for me to accept and work with people who had trouble contributing or working with groups. In college and in the work place everything runs much smoother when everyone works together and gets the job done.


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