What I’ve Learned In the Process of Completing A Placement

Finding a placement has been a difficult experience for me. I have had a placement set up then have family issues or personal issues arise that affect my progress in my placement. Having been faced with these challenges has taught me a lot about myself and life.  I have been reminded that nothing comes easy to anyone. You must work had for what you want and make enough time to complete your tasks. I have also learned that you can not determine what is going to happen in your day. You can plan your day to go how you want it but anything can happen like car troubles, family emergency’s and weather. The most important thing I must keep reminding myself is there is always another way. If my original plan doesn’t work out I must try to complete it another way. Having a positive attitude is mandatory!

Image (google images)

I have yet to complete my placement. I hope to have it completed soon so I can share my experiences!


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