Health Issue- Low Income Housing

I found a blog about a health issue that is constantly growing that is also connected to my new placement. On the website I found a post about low income housing and the effects it has on peoples health. The link for this blog is: (open in new tab).

The purpose of this blog is to discuss what problems people are being  faced with when living in low income housing. Problems such as: mold, pest infestations, and fire hazards. Other health problems include: respiratory infections, asthma, lead poisoning and mental health issues. The audience for this blog would be towards adults.

I find this information interesting because it is a big issues in the world that many people ignore. A charity foundation or support group would find the housing issues and health statistics interesting. They would find it interesting if they were looking for someone to help.


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  1. Helen
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 17:39:26

    You’ve hit on an important issue – housing – and it’s relationship to health. You could add to your post the link for the video and report we discussed in class on social determinants of health (by York University faculty, 2010), which can be found at:


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